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Orthodontic care is a big choice for your child or teen. It can affect not just the look of their teeth, but also the health of their mouth. What is more, the way their teeth look and feel can drastically impact their self-esteem! This is especially true during their teenage years. That’s why you absolutely should question before you book: why choose us?

The team at Wichita Bright Smiles knows that each of our patients wants to know: why choose us?

Why Choose Us for Your Child?

Why choose us? Because we specialize in care for teens and children. We’ve been providing the best care for them since we started. We know the importance of tackling orthodontic issues while kids are still young. Whether that means braces, Invisalign, or space maintainers we can advise you on the treatment your child needs.

Why choose us? Because we treat primarily children & teens so that we are able to focus our continuing education on the growing child. This also allows us to develop expertise like no other orthodontist in the area.

Why choose us? Because our focus on children makes a child-friendly environment where kids can relax. We know that there is a lot of anxiety surrounding dental and orthodontic care but we believe that the right environment can make all the difference. This can also affect the way your child perceives dental visits into adulthood.

A Great Environment for Kids

Why choose us? Because we are up-to-date on all the most important orthodontic treatments that your child needs. That could mean traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign. Our expert team will evaluate your child based on their individual needs. No matter what those are, we can help your child or teen get the care they need.

Teen years can be difficult — but they don’t need to be harder because of orthodontic care. If you are still wondering, why choose us? Contact Wichita Bright Smiles at 316-722-0257 or wichita@meschkesmiles.com.

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